Better Air Quality Starts At Home

BY Thom Carter
Haze over the Salt Lake valley (Getty Images)

Let’s state the obvious: we all want good air quality. Clean air allows us to breathe easier and is better for our overall health. However, it’s not always entirely obvious what we can actually do to improve our state’s current air quality situation.

UCAIR, the Utah Clean Air Partnership, shares simple things everyone can do to be part of our air quality solution. For example, when getting around UCAIR suggests carpooling, trying transit or using Green Bike resources. In our communities as a whole, UCAIR recently partnered with Ivory Homes to plant 30,000 trees which will beautify our neighborhoods and help clear the air.

On the home front, switching to LED light bulbs, installing water saving shower heads and smart thermostats, using ultra low NOx water heaters and exchanging your wood burning stove for a clean burning appliance all reduce emissions and will help save you money as well.

UCAIR Executive Director Thom Carter says, “In our efforts to clear the air there are no perfect answers, but there are practical solutions. We love working with partners like Ivory Homes who focus on making Utah the best place to live work and play. Ivory Homes is constantly seeking practical solutions in their developments, including building green homes, that is why they have been Utah’s Number One Home BuilderTM for thirty years.”

The small changes you make today will make a big impact on our air quality for tomorrow. Learn more about how to improve Utah’s air quality at

Thom Carter is the CEO of UCAIR

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